Krav Maga Hertfordshire
Krav Maga Hertfordshire

kyokushin karate vs Mixed Martial Arts Vs Krav Maga?

Which one should I sign up in and why and is their any Kyokushin karate near murrieta or temecula please help and tell me the difference of all of them and what they are usefull for and I like all of them.

kyokushin karate is a very rigid style of karate founded by perhaps the best karate practitioner ever. It focuses mainly on stand up but most schools these days recognize the importance of ground work and incorporate wrestling into the curriculum. You can rest assured your probably getting something good with kyokushin because its such a tried and true karate system. MMA is simply a mix of a striking art and a wrestling art, i don’t know that much about the state of school in your area or how much contact you would be in so you would have to investigate that your self. krav maga is an Israeli military combat system. Now again i don’t know the quality of the schools in your area, but as of late Krav Maga has turned more into a aerobic class deal. Its not likely they are good school in your area because unless you were in the Israeli military im not sure how you could get certified or have any kind of lineage. But just go to school in your area, check em out, make sure its the real deal and that the people you are training with are generally same age, and same size as you. And oh yeah if there are kids with an adult level black belt, get the hell out of there. One more thing INSTRUCTOR > ART, no martial arts is better than any other ( unless its Tae Kwon Do, then the other ones better) take a good teacher over a "good" martial art any day. Good Luck

Can I successfully learn Krav Maga or MMA by watching videos?

I don’t have the money to take lessons so I was wondering if it would be possible to learn enough about krav maga or MMA to be able to successfully defend myself in a fight? I don’t need to be an expert, I just want to be able to take a few people down if I’m being attacked.

So.. would learning the essentials without being able to be corrected if I make mistakes be enough to defend myself?

If the tapes are good, I’ll probably train with them for about an hour or two a day. I can always have a friend help with the training.

How much will I honestly learn by using tapes? And what martial art would be the most effective to learn by using tapes. You can mention any martial art that you think would be effective.

Good tapes would cost as much as lessons. And in the lessons, you’d actually have someone there to correct you, as well as people to work with when trying out the techniques.

Basically you can’t learn anything like this on your own. Videos are reference material, really. Save up, then pony up and take some lessons.

what would be the best Maximuscle protein shake for someone doing Krav Maga classes?

im slightly over weight but i have defornition in my arms and basically want to bulk up on muscle,not put on loads of weight just muscle. i do a work out at home using dumbells,press ups but will also be doing krav maga classes which involves intensive training maybe odd kickboxing class.
so which shake would be best, Maximuscle Progain,Cyclone,Zma etc???
im currently taking Cyclone but its almost finished so not sure what next.

Dont waste the protein on a krav maga class.. use it when you work out on a machine.. it will build muscle better and faster.. krav maga classes arent meant to get you ripped.. there meant to teach you technique

Any Krav Maga groups in or near Belfast?

Im a 16 year old girl living in belfast who wants to learn Krav Maga, i know that clubs exist but I can only find Commando Krav Maga, not civillian Krav Maga. I dont want to learn how to become a "killing machine" as you do in CKM, i just want to learn how to defend myself.
Preferably with a beginners course as i’m a total n00b and would need to build my fitness level up gradually during it.

Urban krav maga:

commando krav maga Northern Ireland:

are there any krav maga training centers in mobile, al.?

Since this is an international forum, so to speak, I almost always post the same thing for questions like this:

Try the following:

1. Look online thru Google, etc. Add places near you (city names, neighbourhoods, etc)
2. Try the phone book
3. Ask other people who practice martial arts
4. Ask at a martial arts store
5. Try looking for larger associations – not all clubs and teachers have websites or phone book ads.

Good luck!